Thursday, May 19, 2016

[Yasmin_discussions] Mercado Central Exchange

From Roger:


As usual these are not black and white questions

In some cases the process of writing a collaborative proposal can be
extremely helpfup in firming up ideas and strategies even if the proposal
is not funded

On the other had inventing a collaboration just because there is a funding
opportunity is dangerous- collaboration is expensive, risky and often
fails- in my opinion it is best to do the work yourself unless there is no
other way to do it except to collaborate- some people argue that
collaboration is a value in itself , i feel it is a means to an end in

Collaborations that involve people that are not near to each other
goegraphically poses specific risks- and indeed some eu collaborations have
failed because of poor collaboration methodologies

i think we need to train people to do trans disciplinary collaboration= in
the Balance Un Balance conference in Manizales I had the chance to meet a
columbia industrial designer Mauricio Mejía, and his phd student Andrés
Roldán - we are goling to organise a ISEA panel and working group on
Collaboration: Training Didactics and invite people to present their
collaboration methodologies and training techniques.

If any YASMINERS are involved in this kind of work and have training
manuals we are very interested

and yes- much time is spent on unsucesful proposal writing but if the basic
idea is important and there is no other way to do it except with funding
thats the game

and the best way for the new faradays to emerge is in the hacker, making
and co working spaces ! not in heavy institutional structures

roger malina
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