Saturday, June 10, 2017

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] art*science 2017 - The New and History (Elena Giulia Rossi)

Dear Yasminers,

Sorry for my English.. I was not able to ask for editing and I did not want
to add other days to my delay…

some notes on the discussion. We are talking about ways of revitalizing the
past into the liquid present. In Pier Luigi's discussion topic the
projection into the future includes the "fostering of new economic and
professional areas."

I believe that we should probably focus on the objectives that we want to
achieve by preserving and translating Cultural Heritage, starting from
considering how this particular area, The Mediterrean Rim, is located into
the larger picture, mostly with the one that embraces economy. I believe
it would be easier then to move on to discuss models of observation, as
mentioned by Salvatore, that I believe are at the core of 'producing' and
collecting data, and everything that comes after in the process of
intersecting past and present. Data gathering, as much as written history
or science are not objectives as the correspondent words (history, data,
science) might suggest. The objective nature that is often associated with
these words is – by itself – a cultural construct. 'Objectivness' is a
cultural construct. Greek tragedy moved imagination in another direction
but equally practical. Starting from abstraction and spectacularity, it had
a very specific social and political approach in the shaping of collective
consciousness. The language it used (spoken and visual) was very much in
tune with the expectations of the public.

This is a reduction of a very large discourse and much of it was already
previously discussed in your Academic trial, but I wanted to bring back
flashes of it just to highlight the need to narrow down the discussion
focusing on possible objectives to, than, zoom out and re-focus on the
larger questions such as language, knowledge..

If one of the topics of the discussion relates on how to intersect Cultural
Heritage with economics possibilities we cannot ignore the global economy
and its language (even if we move in the English realm it is a language
within another language). In what perspective should we build tool for
collecting data and delivering Cultural Heritage so that it can intersect
with economy? What is the audience? What is the direction that data should
undertake? Evaporate into the liquid realm? Or cross the liquid highways to
bring people back in touch with the earth [always taking into account the
digital infrastructure]?
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