Monday, June 26, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] xoco

i am here now in brazil in santa luxia where 'the human project' is working
on a triad of creative industries, rural health and primary education projects-
they just got funding for a small building for a center for vocational training
for art science and technology- stem to steam is blooming here in an environment
where disciplines are meaningless !

this is part of the 'human project' of ipti-
The Human Project is a model of how art, science and technology can be
used as vectors of promotion of human development, conceived by IPTI
and partners in 2007.

i discussed the idea of cultural heritage here with saulo baretto- he
told me the only
indigenous group in sergipe province were the xoco people = there are
400 in the group
and there is literally nothing about them on the web ( at least in
english)- colonial history
has left its trace

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Joshua Project suggests the following outline:

Introduction / History
Where are they located?
What are their lives like?
What are their beliefs?
What are their needs?
Prayer Points

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so whats my point- i think something about monocultures ( remember
the green revolution)- jens hauser at isea reminded us that everything
that is green is not necessarily good ( the human visual perception exagerates
green in vision)= and a key idea behind biodiversity is the idea of mutualism

as i travel back to the mediterranean to join the leo50 party in bologna i
wonder whether even in the concept of 'cultual heritage' and indigenous
peoples we are not guilty of mono-culturalism- maybe i will get a chance
to meet xoco people for whom the very concept of disciplines is no doubt absurd

roger malina
in Brazil
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