Sunday, June 4, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] art*science 2017 - The New and History

Hello All,

Sincere apologies for neglecting my participation as a moderator,
nonetheless, I followed faithfully the postings and found it fascinating
how many intriguing sometimes-contradictory viewpoints enhanced
this discussion initiated by Pier Luigi Capucci in anticipation of the
Yasmin meeting at the Leonardo 50th Celebration in Bologna, the
introductory 50th Celebration in Manizales as well as all the Celebrations
to follow.

I would like to start with a request for a fresh direction concerning postings.
It would be great to receive short, provocative questions and comments
on the main topics, brief evocative thoughts from personal inter-disciplinary
experiences - again related to the discussion topics etc.,

I also would like to encourage all the silent Yasminers of all ages to
contribute as it is really important to have a broad, inter-generational,
international exchange on the vital theme proposed by Pier Luigi.

In keeping with the above request for short postings - I rest here and
address a couple points in the next messages.

All the best

Nina Czegledy

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