Monday, June 5, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] art*science 2017 - The New and History

Hello All,

A few comments based on my collaborative working experience.

On history and cultural heritage: Ziva Lubec pointed out in an
earlier post: 'Both tangible and intangible heritage has been Š
processed in different ways for different political and economic
motives and no mode of preservation and presentation of the heritage
can be taken for granted'.

I fully agree with her concern about the preservation of cultural history
in the age of shrinking support for humanistic academic studies -
although if we consider Roberta Buiani's view of cultural
heritage 'as something dynamic, constantly changing, crisscrossed
by all sorts of odd, subtle and definitely oppressive relations of power,
and definitely multi-layered' - hope remains for 'History and cultural
heritage to become key elements from cultural, historical, social as
well as economic viewpointsŠ' (Pier Luigi Capucci) - do you agree?

How do we proceed from historical heritage to the now and the next?
I trust education. On one hand "Stem to Steam" is gaining momentum,
moreover dual degree programs are on the rise. Beyond traditional
formal education personally I am a believer in exploring the concepts and
practice of holistic traditional knowledge transfer as investigated by
scientists (D Bohm, J Benito-Bilbao, Czegledy&Reimann) and practiced
for centuries in a variety of forms by indigenous
people around the world

Nina Czegledy
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