Tuesday, June 6, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] cultural heritage in the Byzantine metaverse


just wanted to pick up on your comment on how your mediterrranean rim
heritage resufaces in your on line work in second life and open sim

"I first became aware of this subliminal inspiration and how the visual
heritage of my beloved city seemed to work its way into what I built, when,
during my very early years in the metaverse, I was blogged about as a
Byzantine metaverse builder (

So how does one's cultural heritage translate into the culture we are
building on line ? Right now i am in Manizales Colombia for ISEA..how does
a metaverse built on line here differ from yours built
in Istanbul

And do 'born digital' indigenous natives develop other forms of on line
culture ?

I remember in the early days of Ars Electronica we used to joke on the jury
that so often the
work was 'signed' by the software and the persons own background barely
came through.

But then I remember work by Char Davies, or Paul Sermon, or Lynn
Hershman..or Eduardo Kac
which somehow synthesised the emerging on line and grounded cultures.

Also I remember being annoyed that space in simcity or second life was so
cartesian.. why couldnt
space be reinvented in on line culture in the way that Linda Henderson has
document in her book
of the 4th dimension in art and science ?

Last century I wrote on the stone age of digital culture...but where are
our cave paintings on line to be preserved for 50,000 years ? There is no
gravity in cyberspace..so why is cyberspace so 3d and Cartesian ?

Oliver grau chronicled the work of artists in immersive spaces from caves
to vr...does any one have good examples of totally new cultural heritage
forms in cyberspace ? Or are like the colonial powers imposing our
terrestrial culture on cyberspace ? Its time for the digital natives to
revolt like Caldas did here in colombia

Roger malina

Roger F Malina
is in Manizales, Colombia
1-5108532007 or whatsapp
blog: malina.diatrope.com
roger malina
is in paris
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