Thursday, June 22, 2017

[Yasmin_discussions] art*science 2017/Leonardo 50

Dear Yasminers,

unfortunately I could not be so present in the beautiful discussion you developed on art*science topics, although I read all the interventions (maybe it is not ended yet, some of you got in touch with me about continuing, and I hope it will be). As you may imagine, I have been deeply involved in organizing the conference: a lot of work at any level, from theory to communication, from spaces' organization to graphics, from contacts to website, together with some beautiful and very good people. After all this work, which is just a prologue, I can say that I'm very satisfied of this project and on the impact it can have on the cultural world.

I want to thank Roger Malina and Nina Czegledy for the support and the ideas to the conference, as well as for the support to the Yasmin discussion. I hope that in Bologna we will have the chance to deep some of the topics suggested about Leonardo future, the art/science convergence, innovation and history, the Mediterranean rim and the intergeneration approach. We have tried to reflect these topics in the theoretical work on which the conference is based as well as in the presentations.

We have updated the website ( <>) and put online all the information about the presenters, the schedule and the events. We have foreseen the Yasmin dinner in the second evening (July 4) in a lovely restaurant. I suggest to the people who will come to Bologna to register in advance in the website.

We will publish the proceedings of the conference, and we are asking to the presenters, and also to the people interested in the topics, to send their final papers by July 30.

For any questions you can get in touch with art*science staff ( <>) and me.

See you in Bologna!

Pier Luigi

Pier Luigi Capucci
via Rovigo, 8
48016 Milano Marittima (RA)
Tel.: +39 (0) 544 976156
Mobile: +39 348 3889844
skype: plcapucci

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