Saturday, June 24, 2017

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] art*science 2017

Just to make it right
> 2. Annie's questioning of the choice of English as the current language for
> the list leads to the question of territory to which language is
> inextricably tight by an osmotic relation (hope it is correct in English).
> English is - at the moment- the language that represent the skin of a meta
> - place, the one that glues together various countries with the chain of
> informatics and network, the same 'region' shared by economics and
> politics. It is from here that we confront our ideas, that we brainstorm on
> the potential combination of past and new in the vision of a near future to
> shape. Also, it is from here that we are looking at a specific territory,
> the one of the Mediterrean Rim.

I did not "question the choice of English as the current
language for the list". I was one of the initiators of the
Yasmin list. English was the obvious language but you will
notice that Yasmin is open to any language from the MedRim
understood by the moderators.

I just raised the issue of languages as part of our history
and heritage. And of "automatic translation" as a
possibility for the future.

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