Friday, October 2, 2009

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] art in extreme environments

Dear Yasminers,

Some available documents to bring "food for thoughts" and
discussions :

1 - The catalogue of the @rt Outsiders festival is now
available to download at :

This catalogue is bilingual French/English
In it, you'll find :
- texts by the artists about their work
- introduction by the co-curators (Jean-Luc Soret and myself)
- A very interesting and challenging text by Louis Bec that
should bring more debates and exchanges in our discussion
and that I strongly recommend reading.

2 - (Self) interview of Stephen Eastaugh (based on a
question we asked him)
available at :
(scroll down the page)
Note that Stephen is currently wintering over at the
antarctic australian base of Mawson and cannot (for various
reasons) take part in our discussion. In this trip, he will
have spend over a year in Antarctica (and he has been to the
Continent several times on shorter stays).
For Stephen (who is familiar with all sorts of environments,
and particularly barren ones), and who is spending *real*
time there, Antarctica is anything but "home" and far from
becoming so, if at all (I think I am true to his ideas by
saying that).
This interview (only 5 minutes long) is worth listening to.

Well, in case, you didn't know what to do during your
week-end, now you have a plan !



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