Saturday, October 3, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] artists workng with scientists in extreme environments

here is another thought- are extreme environments only
exploration- or can one also explore extreme mental states ?

yesterday i was with christian xerri who is a neuroscientist in marseille
jim gimzewksi

were were discussing the work that xerri does with alzheimers

christian's work includes looking at ways the brain re organises
itself after trauma

*Research topics *

1. Experience-dependent malleability of somatosensory cortical maps
during development and maturation.
2. Postlesion remodeling of somatosensory maps after brain damage.
3. Spatio-temporal coding of tactile inputs within cortical networks.
4. Biochemical and morphological mechanisms involved in somatosensory map
5. Elaboration and recognition of haptic and visual forms: a fMRI study.

christian's son your is an artist and art therapist and they are working on
art science collaborations

xerri's lab has developed interactive software tools that are used to help
patients with impaired
memory etc

a related connection is how humans in extreme environments have modified
, i heard a talk by michel marcelin who mentioned that at high altidue
vision is affected ( see for instance )

so for the discussion i thought i would introduce the topic of modification
of mental states
in extrement enviroments, but also extreme zones of mental states themselves
as part
of this discussion

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