Saturday, October 31, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] art and climate change

david mcconville

The embedded hyperlinks didn't survive the listserv. Inserted below: Roger,
Thank you for your refreshing perspective on the role of artworks in =20
making sensual ecological interactions that are normally =20 imperceptible.
It will be interesting to gauge the pragmatic/pedagogic =20= utility of
"climate art" compared to works that are drawing attention =20= to
related ecological urgencies - such as Chris Jordan's (1) =20 photographic
gestalts illuminating the scale and impact of consumer =20 detritus or the
Newton & Helen Mayer Harrison's () conceptual =20 installation work (2)
with geospatial imagery (that have purportedly =20 diverted billions of
dollars from ecologically devastating projects). I've found it exceedingly
difficult to "visualize" climate data in a =20 way that
communicates its relations to human activity in a =20 satisfactory (that is
to say, an intimate, let alone communicative) =20 way using geospatial
tools. Contextualization of these relationships =20 is made difficult by the
current generation of geospatial browsers =20 since they primarily afford
largely static representations of dynamic =20= metabolic flows. I'd be very
interested to hear of any works using =20 real-time geospatial visualization
that compellingly present dynamic =20 phenomena. On a related note, I
briefly address the need for an increased =20 intimacy in order to mobilize
groups to interactively explore the =20 connections between ecological and
humanitarian issues in a recent NY =20= Times' blog post: Going Beyond
Finding Your Roof on Google Earth (3). =20= The reporter, Andy Revkin, is
particularly interested in the points =20 you raise in your essay, as can be
seen with Climate as Art: What's =20 Your Review (4)? (1) (2) (3) =
david mcconville director, noospheric research division &gt; &gt; On Oct 31, 2009, at 9:18 AM, roger malina
wrote: &gt; &gt;&gt; Yasminers &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; I just submitted a text
&gt;&gt; for the debates at the RETHINK events that are targed the political
=20= &gt;&gt; meetings &gt;&gt; in &gt;&gt; Copenhagen &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; We
are at an important time for the political decisions enabling us &gt;&gt; to
confront the realities of climate change=3D artists are on the =20 &gt;&gt;
front line ! &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; it would be appropriate for us to use YASMIN
also to discuss the =20 &gt;&gt; issues&gt; &gt;&gt; I encourage you to
contribute to the RETHINK ART debates at &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;
<;&gt>; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; Roger &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; About =93RETHINK =96 Contemporary Art and
Climate Change=94 &gt;&gt; **
&gt;&gt; RETHINK =96 Contemporary Art and Climate Change consist of web =20
&gt;&gt; debates, film &gt;&gt; programs, and an art exhibition. It is made
in a unique collaboration &gt;&gt; between the National Gallery of Denmark (, Den Frie =20 &gt;&gt; Centre of &gt;&gt; Contemporary Art (, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary =20= &gt;&gt; Art &gt;&gt;
Center (, and the Alexandra Institute ( &gt;&gt; The exhibition will be shown in Copenhagen at =20
&gt;&gt; these three &gt;&gt; venues from October 31st 2009, and will
coincide with the United =20 &gt;&gt; Nations=92 &gt;&gt; COP15 climate
conference in Copenhagen in December. &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; The curatorial
ambition of the project is to give the public a new &gt;&gt; perspective on
climate and environment through contemporary art. The &gt;&gt; exhibition
consists of 30 art works by international artists that in &gt;&gt; different
ways investigates abstract climate issues. Among the =20 &gt;&gt; artists
are: &gt;&gt; Tomas Saraceno (AR), Henrik H=E5kansson (SE), The Icelandic
Love =20 &gt;&gt; Corporation &gt;&gt; (IS), Superflex (DK), Eke Ugochukwu
Bright (NI), Olafur Eliasson =20 &gt;&gt; (IS/DK). &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; *
&gt;&gt; * &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; Nordic Exhibition of the Year &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;
=93RETHINK =96 Contemporary Art and Climat
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