Monday, October 5, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Art, Science, Extreme Environments

Dear Annick, Roger and fellow Yasminers,

Thank you for the interesting discussions.....

I draw parallels between 'wilderness' and the 'extreme' in the sense that
the construction of 'wilderness' and the concept of 'extreme' does not exist
as an absolute.

The idea of the 'extreme' is rooted in a human based construction.
Antarctica is one example of an environment that we consider extreme, yet
for organisms living in this 'outpost' - our environment is the extreme.

The notion of 'extreme' in its inherited cultural construct prompts
questions of whether the 'extreme' is out there or a mere reflection of that
which sits outside our own condition.

To add another trajectory, the notion of intersecting art and science was
once considered 'extreme'.....'extreme' works well in art, however; when
'genuinely' attempting to incorporate scientific narratives, discourses, or
methods within an artistic context it become less 'extreme' - and acts to
tame (or neuter).

When we negotiate extreme environments as artists, there is a tendency to
politicize the landscapes as a residue of humanistic voyage.
Does extreme environment require humanistic bridges in order for us to
understand this place?

Lastly, in the context of @rtOutsiders - extreme environments, why do we as
artists "need" to utilize scientific collaborations to generate discourses
of the 'extreme'?


Laura Cinti
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