Sunday, October 11, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] artists and scientists in extreme enviroments

Our artists and scientists in extreme enviroments topic will continue for a
few more
days but on October 15 we would like to move the discussion on to the arts
culture within the context of the Darwinian Theory of evolution today.

This is the topic of a three days conference in marseille October 22/23/24

full program is at:

The topic of extreme environments is of course tightly coupled to evolution=
as organisms find themselves
in new environments, the variouse evolutionary mechanisms ( individual and
group selection, sexual selection etc)
come into play an in an extreme enviromnent, the web of life evolves to
'adapt" to the new situation.

Some of the greatest extreme environments we know of in earth history are
the meteor collisions
that created extreme conditions that led to massive extinctions of many
species and new species
were favoured.

We are interested in undertanding the place of the arts and culture in these

By the way if you cannot come to the symposium we have set up a number of
blogs for the topic:

Where you can join with people with a shared interest:





Finally let me note that we are collecting questions and comments to send to
the speakers BEFORE

the sumposium= so they can address these questions in their presentations.
If you would like to submit

a question or comment to one of the speakers feel to send me an email at or

post in on one of the blogs

Roger Malina
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