Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] Oral Traditions and New Media


good to ear about your workshop in Algiers ! can you tell us more
about it- our art and darwin discussion is ending so it would be great
to start discussing oral traditions and new media !!


-Hi Yasminers...

This is Myriam Hammani

I would like to open the topic on the subject of making art on second life
and the workshop I gave at the ecole des beaux arts of Algiers in May with
Wafa Bourkis...I wwould liek to talk about the experience...and it is very
interesting...also the politics behind making art and perpetuating oral
tradition in the new media world...with video and with second life and with
interactive electronic installations.
Please let me know when and if you are intereted in this subject...
i m very much into Oral tradition and it s manifestation on film and new
mediums of expression...
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