Sunday, October 25, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] The Arts in the Context of Darwinian Theory of Evolution Today


we are just out of the three day arts and darwin conference in marseille
and much fun was had by all

one of the issues that of course came up is how neurobiology can
deal with subjective experience, enaction etc

jean pierre changeux made a strong claim that there are objective
correlates in neurobiological signals of subjective experience

martin timsit initiated comments about the need to 'average' results
on brains , and that this averaging process inevitably discriminated against
exceptional individuals, which presumably where the interesting stuff goes
on in creative work

the issue came up again in dominique lestel's presentation on animal
culture of how one deals with 'anecdotic' evidence where one has isolated
examples of behaviours ( eg there is one primate that has been studied
that makes knots=but there is only one known example)

the last day composer jean claude risset reported on his witnessing
a 25 minute musical performance by a lyre bird that was clearly engaged
in activity that gave pleasure to the bird itself and was not a sexual

the issue of subjectivity was a ghost in the machine all week

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