Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Narcissism and Anthropocentrism (Was:Thenewconcept of HumankindCulturalNarcissism from francesco monico)

Salvatore wrote:

> Are we not once again back to second-order cybernetics where the
> observer is not just part of the observation, but is building a design
> ecology while enhancing him/her/itself?

"well, i guess it is if you focus on "closed-sourced" (as opposed to
'open-sourced') systems. But recursion is so intriguing that we might try
and reframe all this on a n-order cybernetics, which is something that more
than one researcher tried to envision in more than one way and for various
reasons, starting from a '2.5' order of the social cybernetics of Umbpleby
to all the discourses approaching third-orders such as in Lucas, Pocock and
Palmer, investigating on complexity, autoreflection, virtualization and in
things that we can somehow identify as reflexive autopoietic systems theory
and also merging all of this to the wonderful insights that software has
provided in arts, sciences, and social practices."

I apologize for not having been clear. A cybernetic system is a circular
system. A cybernetic "enhanced" system is a spiraling system. I suppose
one could say that 3rd order cybernetics, or the Lucas, Pocock and Palmer
suppositions, and a second-order "enhanced" (spiraling) system are similar;
but I am not sure. For example, Pocock's "spin-offs" form new systems,
while a enhanced, spiraling system is forming an auto-morphic behavior.
Thus, it is this original system which is being transformed by the
transforming agent/observer. Like evolution - the human may have stemmed
from the fish with legs, but that species has gone through a morphological
process of genetic mutations which have formed the new species (spin-off).
Nevertheless, the new species can be genetically linked to its original
source of the extinct hominids (such as Australopithecus), for example. This
would be a spiraling genetic morphing.

" ... yet i see many opportunities in open-sourced systems that allow for
stratification, for layering of different goals and strategies, of different
sensibilities, and on their mutual interaction, and on the possibility
offered by porous skins and by fluid, dynamic, temporary, nomadic

The visual element of your above-paragraph is inviting. How to frame it
within cybernetics is the issue. 3rd order does not get it. Second-order is
focused on the observer. "Enhanced" cybernetics is focused on the
observer's self-morphing with and within the sciences/technologies of the
extended spiraling system, but not so much on the building of a design

I suppose that the artistic practice is within the creation of a design
ecology through the already-suggested artistic fields and practices which
engage biological and artificial systems.



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