Sunday, May 2, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Narcissism and Anthropocentrism

Francesco and colleagues

I am a bit uncomfortable with the general theorization
that this discussion is becoming and am interested how
this all informs art=science praxis=can we have more examples
of art-science work that informs and motivates these discussions ?

pier luigi gave us the example of the work of Anthony Hall
which is a good example of how art science practice can
contribute to developing a more expansive sense of an individual
or groups connections to the world around.

this reminds me of the invisible dynamics projects:

which seek to help develop an expanded 'sense of place"
by bringing into a viewers awareness the hidden physical
social processes that give a place its meaning to us

peter richards is in residence at IMERA at the moment

and he is organizing a workshop here in early june on this subject
which will occur one day at the Hopital Caroline in the bay of Marseilles

this hospital was built in 1820s as a quarantine hospital against yellow
fever that was going through the Mediterranean at the time ( and with
a strong cultural memory of the plagues that killed hundreds of thousands
of people in Marseilles in the 18th century)

the building was designed before the medical understanding of germs
and microbes developed, and the prevalent treatment was exposing
the sick to the wind and cold sea water= the building is a physical
of the medical theories of the time

one end of the building has a staircase in the shape of an alpha-
the other end has an exit in the shape of an omega= there are large
rooms with large open windows to let the wind in= and large solid stone
tubs for the cold sea water-

human beings are vulnerable to certain kinds of deseases, different than
of other species,but we also have symbiotic relationships with many microbes=
it is interesting to speculate about the built environment and things we design
that externalise our desease vulnerabilities= anthropocentric yes but part of
a survival strategy


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From: Pier Luigi Capucci <>

Dear Francesco,

So what we can do is trying to deepen the other species' understanding
and awareness. Some artists are trying to experiment in cross species
communication, searching for a sort of interspecies language based on
the roots we can both understand and share: the  body. It is, for
example, the work of Louis Bec, and of Antony Hall in particular with
his ENKI project (


Pier Luigi


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