Sunday, May 16, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] Doing and Studying International Collaboration in the Sciences, Arts and the Humanities


Ricardo Mbarkho in Beirut, and I in Marseille, are your moderators
this coming week.

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The anthropocentrism and narcissism discussion is wrapping up
many thanks to francesco monico and colleagues for the interesting

New discussion Topic:
Doing and Studying International Collaboration in the Science, Arts
and the Humanities

During the next couple of weeks we will have a discussion topic of
collaboration in the arts,sciences, engineering and the humanities.
It is a feature of work at the interface of the arts,sciences and
technology that cross disciplinary collaboration is often required to
achieve the kindsof projects that motivate us. One example is the
EMOBILART collaboration that involved 35 different artists to develop
more than a dozen art works:

We will be benefiting from the participation of the Patrick McCray who

is a science historian currently in residence at IMERA:

who has been writing about large science projects that involve
collaboration. We are holding a small workshop at the end of June in
Marseille on the topic:

Thème : Doing and Studying International Collaboration in the Science
and the Humanities

"International collaborations have long been a feature of the
scientific landscape. Increasingly, humanities and social science
scholars from different countries are also collaborating with one
another on long-term projects. Patrick McCray, a resident at IMERA in
Marseille, has on-going study of the ITER project in conjunction with
Samuel Bordreuil's research group in Aix and the UCSB's Center for
Nanotechnology in Society are two examples of international
collaborations in science .

The arts, sciences and engineering are different cultures with
different methodologies, institutional

structures and histories. How do collaboration cultures differ within
the sciences, engineering and the arts

and humanities ? And what special problems do collaborations between
these cultures involve ?

Roger Malina

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