Monday, May 3, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Narcissism and Anthropocentrism

Il giorno 03/mag/2010, alle ore 08.56, roger malina ha scritto:

> human beings are vulnerable to certain kinds of deseases, different than
> of other species,but we also have symbiotic relationships with many microbes=
> it is interesting to speculate about the built environment and things we design
> that externalise our desease vulnerabilities= anthropocentric yes but part of
> a survival strategy

This is indeed a very interesting realm. One of the works I know is Anna Dumitriu's Normal Flora Project:

>From the website:

"The Normal Flora Project is an ongoing publicly engaged art project by Anna Dumitriu, which considers our relationship to the everyday microbial world we co-exist with. Artworks are developed collaboratively and participants take on the role of artist, researcher and scientist in a hands-on performative way, final outcomes emerge (taking the form of performative interventions, digital works, sound works and installations (often using craft based techniques such as embroidery)) in dialogue with the artist.

Normal Flora Microbiology is the study of the bacteria, moulds and yeasts, that we live with, in a complex, balanced eco-system. In fact there are more bacteria on the end of an average fingertip than there are people living in the world and over 8kg of our body weight is made up of bacteria. "


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