Thursday, May 20, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] : International Collaboration in the Sciences and Humanities


you state

Indeed I am currently undertaking an Mphil/PhD in Arts Management/policies at
> Birkbeck (University of London ­ supervised by Dr. Cameron Cartiere, Dr.
> Isabelle Fremeaux and Dr. Roger Malina) looking at the different models of
> collaborations between visual artists and scientists in Europe. (Comparative
> study ­ case studies)
> I am particularly interested in the geopolitical context of the
> artist/scientist collaboration and its impact on the model itself. For example
> how policies could shape the format of the residence/collaboration.

lea guzzo

>>>> i am really not sure what you mean by geopolitical

One of the major issue for art science collaboration is how to set up
situations where both the artist and scientist are equally engaged= most
art science work occurs with artists residencies within science or engineering
environments= very few occur with scientists residencies in cultural
but some artists are very experienced in working in alien environments and have
extensive experience working this way ( eg artists residencies in other public
institutions like hospitals)= the Dissonancias residencies had some success
with rather limited physical time between the artist and the researcher= but
some of the most interesting collaborations are the ones that have evolved
over a number of years

an other issue is the time allocated= most residencies are so short that they
are barely enough for the collaborators to begin to explore the shared
the uk art council "blue sky "residencies tried to allocate enough
time and space

i would be interested in hearing from you about two or three different models
that you are studying as part of your phd research

in the sciences some of the mechanisms used for provoking
inter-disciplinary collaboration
are the summer schools system= a google on "summer school sardinia"
for instance gives a flavour=the advantage being that all the
participants are outside their
usual work environment

there was a famous summer school in the art school in aix en provence
called Art Cognition in 1992 or 1993 that brought together very diverse people
and provoked a number of collaborations:

and of course the artificial life workshops at the santa fe
institute,,in the 1980s
spawned a whole art science area:


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