Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Narcissism and Anthropocentrism (Was: The newconcept of HumankindCulturalNarcissism from francesco monico)

Hi David,
Tnx for the citation from Tim Ingold's essay "Globes and Spheres".
In this context here is my annotative video art- "Digital Skin 2",
where artist's body is in superposition: anthropocentric, geocentric, cosmic
& annotative at the same time...

Avi Rosen

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newconcept of HumankindCulturalNarcissism from francesco monico)

Francesco et al,

Perhaps this excerpt from Tim Ingold's essay "Globes and Spheres" in The
Perception of the Environment (2000, p. 218) can inform the choice of words
within this discussion:

Since we are human, the world around us must necessarily be anthropocentric:
this, in itself, implies no lack of participation, nor does it entail an
instrumental attitude. Indeed it is decidedly odd that the term
'anthropocentrism' should have been adopted to denote an attitude that, more
than any other, withdraws human life from active participation in the
environment. It is an attitude that might be more accurately described as
'anthropocircumferentialism'. The term may be an impossibly cumbersome one;
nevertheless I believe we need it, if only to distinguish the discursive
construction of the environment characteristic of modern Western thought and
science from the many pre-modern and non-Western cosmologies that are
anthropocentric in the strict sense of placing the human being at the hub of
a dwelt-in world, a centre of embodied awareness that reaches out, through
the activity of the senses, into its surroundings. Thus the shift from
anthropocentrism to anthropocircumferentialism is tantamount to the
withdrawal of the human presence from the center to the periphery of the
lifeworld. And ecocentrism, finally, is just the other side of the coin from
anthropocircumferentialism. For once humanity is placed on the outside,
surrounding the global environment, then the environment - now surrounded
rather than surrounding - no longer holds any place for human beings.

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