Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] ISEA feedback

Hi Cynthia !

> I have been part of a few discussions on ISEA2011 on other lists, and it is refreshing to read Colette's positive summary.

I have a tremendous difficulty in answering the question
that I am frequently asked : How was ISEA ?

I think that considering what is on the "menu", between the
panels, papers, exhibitions, workshops, + parallel events
taking the advantage of ISEA to take place, everyone has a
different meal and what makes the "success" or "failure" of
an ISEA is not the overall event but if what you had
selected has matched your expectations.

So, for me that ISEA has been successfull with one dish that
was not OK to go on with my metaphor. Istanbul is a big
city, it took time to go from one place to the other and
there was no place that acted as the "central-inevitable"
spot (apart from the boat, that has been a great idea)
where everyone gathers at the same time (meals or breaks for
instance) and it has been very difficult to meet the people
I wanted to meet (even sometimes with planed meetings). This
is the only drawback I see in this ISEA.

> Turkish culture is quite developed, and has been for centuries.
> Several Turkish artists that I spoke with found it distressing that those coming from the countries that are now in power think of Turkey as under-developed.

I fully agree with you Cynthia. And there *is* a
contemporary and a new media art scene in Turkey and
specially in Istanbul. I know there was a Mediterranean
panel (that I missed !) but I think I would have liked to
have more Turkish artworks shown in the ISEA exhibitions
(well, there was none, so let say, some !). I think ISEA is
not only the international new media art circus coming to
town, it should also be a platform for the hosting
city/country artists exposure.



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