Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] McLuhan Effect in Aix en Provence


Alphabetville and the Art School in Aix en Provence, France will be
hosting Nov 2-4 the McLuhan Effect= two days of talks
and discussions = as part the various events internationally
that have been marking the 100th anniversay of Marshall McLuhan birth.

The lead organiser, Colette Tron, thought we might do a YASMIN
discussion around the ideas
and concepts that McLuhan researched in October.

If anyone would like to help us moderate/contribute actively to the
discussion please contact me by email at

There are a number of McLuhan events in France, see/

Two art exhibits produced at the Centre for Culture and Technology in
2010 and 2011,
as primary art installations by Scotiabank CONTACT Photography
Festival in partnership
with the Faculty of Information McLuhan Program in Culture and
Technology at UofT, will be
shown this Fall at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris (September
30- November 16).

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