Thursday, September 29, 2011

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] ISEA feedback

Dear Ricardo,

You are raising an interesting issue.
> - I think the problem is not about developed or undeveloped countries.
>>From my opinion, the issue is What kind of definition are we using to
> describe this situation for these countries.

The international official definition is a pure economical
one and is based on the gross national product.

> - And here is the second point: Who or where this denominations are
> created from?.

International economical and state entities !

More and more people (including in the economical spheres)
start saying that it should also include : level of
education, pollution and environment measures, health, etc.

> Chile is a renown country for its economic success, a no violent
> change from dictatorship to Democracy, fiscal order, etc., and if you
> come to visit Chile (an ISEA in chile?) can find beautiful buildings,
> a world class metro, etc. But still we have big bags of poverty, big
> differences in the payment for a job, and few respect for the
> indigenous people.

Well, Chile is not the only state like that. Big epidemy of
tuberculosis in the near suburbs of Paris at the moment ....
The time when the rich countries were North and the poor
ones South, or when rich was Western + Japan and poor the
rest of the World is really gone. Globalisation is
reshuffling the cards and indeed we need other methods of
measurement to evaluate if a country is "developped",
"emerging", "underdevelopped" or ... just to invent another
concept as this one is just a total capitalistic one and
even with some make up, capitalism may just remains ...

And I would LOVE to have an ISEA in Chile !

I am not sure that this discussion is appropriate on this
list ... so I hope the moderators will approve my post.



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