Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Thank you for this clarification. We are so used to hearing the term "undeveloped" to refer to countries that not technologically developed that it was easy to read the phrase "still in development" in that light.

The emergence of a new and expanded art and cultural scene is indeed worth noting. I lived in Marseilles in the days before important initiatives such as "la Friche" <>, and we all know that in Istanbul the opening of the Istanbul Modern and the Biennial have reinforced the development of a more lively scene.

Cities which appear to have developed art scenes, however, also need important shifts to keep them from stagnation. This is the excitement and tension of art - how to keep it from becoming too mainstream and stuck in conventions, while still getting it the attention it needs to be part of the cultural dialogue.


On Sep 28, 2011, at 8:20 AM, wrote:

Hello all,
I must say that I don't understand very well.
If you don't want to ear "still in development", do you mean that the development of istanbul has stopped ?
I am from Marseille, and it is in France, and it is a poor city, and it is still in development because the city is still in tranformation, moving, changing its image.
And it is not the same situation than Istanbul
And if you read to the turkish Nobel price of litterature Orhan Pamuk, you can understand how Turkey has changed since the Ottoman empire, and how it has fall down during the XXth century.
Now, for him, and I think in many points of view, it is better, and we have to distinguish the current economy from the hundreds of centuries of culture of a country.
I hope everybody had time to visit the fabulous historical sites in Istambul, and you can see the great Ottoman empire, and even the magnificent byzantine culture
And it continues to grow, to exchange, to invent, to develop, Isn't it ?

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