Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Yasmin_discussions] ISEA

there is a positive element in this ISEA i wanted to point out.
The division in many and parallel small rooms and small groups did seem to me at first rather negative.
Sort of privatization of the comunication.
Then i began to circle around, in a "peer to peer" movement in different panels and papers.
Then i made my own panel about "East&West", then chaired another on media and art and circled around a lot.
I had the feeling that this "smaller" groupings had a distinct character and an interesting one.
In a moment when media culture is getting inside taxonomies, cathegories, cataloguing etc....
it's refreshing to find ourselves in a direct confrontation and discussion, avoiding formal formulations and strict speeches.
The discussions following the talks were very informal, lively and did show a need to comunicate and exchange ideas more engaging than in other formal occasions.
So the small meetings came out as "conversation pieces" that encouraged partecipation and exchange, often brought well after the given times and showing how much need of talk and exchange there is today in media cuture.
Best & Ciao
Lorenzo Taiuti

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