Sunday, July 8, 2012

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Art/Sci Collab Presentation and Documentation

Dear All,

Some more issues to perhaps facilitate the success of collaboration and future collaborations is that of Documentation and Presentation. In the world of art and science there are embedded paths of listeners, readers and viewers that need to be re-investigated in relation to for instance: process.

The methods to present research that comes from collaborations are not fully developed.  The current structures in which documentation is presented are usually
not equipped to deal with both getting across the scientific relevance as well as the
aesthetics. The value of the research results often can not be fully appreciated until one has taken the time and effort to understand the relevance. There is the issue of location and time, as the results from such
collaborations can not be understood in the minimal glance a viewer
takes in an art exhibition. In this sense an exhibition symposium is still in it's infancy. Good artistic research does not necessarily produce good art, so how to present results that are of significance in relation to knowledge production, but initially are not seen as significant within current art infrastructures? At the same time there is the challenge of documenting process and understanding how the documentation is part of the artwork as well as scientific data.

This provides challenges as to how to organize structures
for these types of knowledge productions. By professionalizing these aspects we facilitate future collaborations in a way that provides the general public as well as critics and historians new methods to understand, analyze and position results that come from such collaborations.


Jennifer Kanary
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