Monday, July 9, 2012

[Yasmin_discussions] this weeks moderator

Dear Yasminers

I am taking over as YASMIN moderator this week - here in Marseille
on the sunny mediterranean,

At our recent workshop at IMERA i showed the climate predictions
that show that the southern and northern mediterannean can expect
25-50% decreases in usable water -

Meanhwile on our YASMIN discussion list we have the topic
of Enabling Collaboration between the Sciences/Engineering
with Arts/Design- what are the impediments and opportunities ?
this is part of the SEAD white paper call for recommendations.

If you would like to contribute a white paper with recommendations
send me an astract/author list to rmalina(at)

We are also compiling an inventory of existing reports with
recommendations and welcome YASMIN member contributions

Roger Malina
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