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[Yasmin_discussions] How to enable collaboration between science/engineering and art and design


I am proposing that on YASMIN DISCUSSION LIST we have some discussions
on the problems that we face when we try to establish collaboration between
science/engineering with arts/design/humanities= with recommendations on how
to overcome these problems. But also how to take advantage of the new

This is part of a project that a network of us have been developing ,
SEAD, and will result in a report next summer 2013. Many reports have
already been
written and we will also be doing a meta-analysis of previous reports.
We are working
on a compilation of previous reports which you will find on our web site.

Beyond the discussion on YASMIN, we would be delighted if any YASMINERS
would like to develop what we are calling a white paper- this is a document (or
can be a video) which identifies problems and opportunities with specific
recommendations on how to enable the solutions. I provide more details below
but you can find our inititial web site at:

If you are not already on the YASMIN DISCUSSION list you need to subscribe at

Here follows additional details

Roger Malina
YASMIN co moderator

All of us encounter many roadblocks to develop
the new opportunities that link science/engineering to arts/design/humanities

In this international initiative we are calling for 'white papers' or
short texts that identify problems
and opportunities when one tries to have science/engineering professionals
collaborate with those in arts/humanities/design.

These reports can be very short- one page with one recommendation, or
even utube videos- or longer, They can be written by one person or many.

We are also compiling all the reports written on these issues in the last
twenty years and will be doing a meta-analysis of the previous recommendations.

We would be delighted if anyone on YASMIN would like to submit a short or
longer white paper with recommendations. Please contact me at rmalina
( AT)

More details below
Roger Malina

SEAD Network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design announces a
call for White Papers on issues facing the international community
seeking to enhance transdisciplinary collaboration

We are seeking to survey concerns, roadblocks and opportunities, and
solicit recommendations for enhancing collaboration between sciences
and engineering with practioners in arts and design. These position
papers will be submitted as part of a report to US National Science
Foundation and the community
from the SEAD network in the summer of 2013. With grateful
appreciation for US funding, we recognize that activity connecting the
sciences, engineering, to arts, and design is international and,
furthermore, that global involvements are essential in today's
economy. Therefore we are interested both in what US collaborators can
learn from experiences in other countries, and vice versa, institution
or region specific issues, and also in how to foster collaborations
that bridge beyond regions . Cultural cross-fertilization
via the SEAD network – whether from disciplinary, organizational or
ethnic perspectives – is a vital component of our purpose and goals.

Chair, Roger Malina, Leonardo/ISAST Chair Emeritus, Leonardo Governing
Board Member. Distinguished Professor of Art and Technology at the
University of Texas, Dallas

Co-Chair, Carol Strohecker, Director, Center for Design Innovation,
University of North Carolina system; Professor, Winston-Salem State
University; Chief Research Officer & Instructor, UNC School of the
Arts; SEAD Co-PI

For more information:

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science
Foundation under Grant No.1142510 , IS, Human Centered Computing,
"Collaborative Research: EAGER: Network for Science, Engineering, Arts
and Design (NSEAD)

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