Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[Yasmin_discussions] STEM TO STEAM


Thanks for joining this discussion on how to enable
collaboration between science/engineering and arts/design/humanities

Most of the yasmin list will not be familiar with the STEM to STEAM
acronyms as they are very american terms- ( most of YASMIN
is outside the US) it would be great if
you could explain, without acronyms !!, what the stem to steam
is all about - and why you think this approach enables
new forms of collaboration and problem solving

there are similar initiatives in europe but they are often carried
under new initiatives in public engagement ( see for instance
the STUDIOLAB initiative


roger malina

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Thank you, Charis.

I've also just subscribed to YASMIN and am looking forward to sharing our
mutual interests in the arts/science intersection.

I am Lucinda Presley. I am director of an institute that integrates the
fine arts with STEM (STEM to STEAM) in school and museum settings. We use
this integration to promote STEAM engagement, learning, and the 21st
century thinking skills.

I am very interested in ways that the intersection of the fine arts and
STEM promotes problem-solving and creative/innovation thinking.

Thank you.
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