Sunday, July 8, 2012

[Yasmin_discussions] educational roadblocks to hybrid careers that combine science/engineering with arts/design


One of the white papers being worked on for the SE-AD report is on the
problem that
students face if they want to develop hybrid careers that combine
science/engineering with

In my recent class at Dallas I came across students who had done masters degrees
in art and technology and are now enrolled in a PhD program in geology
and geosciences
and a student who did an undergraduate degree in Literature (poetry)
and is now in
a masters program in molecular biology.

In general universities have many roadblocks throught he educational system for
such pathways that combine Science and Engineering with Arts/Design/

I like Cristina's suggestion of Erasmus like programs :

At educative institutional level this would
imply a kind of familiarization of students with other fields during the
formative process, a kind of "Erasmus" between disciplines to allow
students to circulate more inside their own universities and be able to
get first hand experience of this dialog.

Do yasminers know of such programs ?

Appended is the call for participation in the compilation of
hybrid curricula


Leonardo Executive Editor Roger Malina and UT Dallas doctoral student
Kathryn Evans are interested in examples of courses and curricula that
are in the art-science-humanities field such as courses on art and
biology, music and mathematics, art and chemistry, dance and
environmental sciences, etc.

The call is an re-launch of a similar call issued in 2009
and will be included in a SEAD White Paper (Breaking Down the Silos:
Curriculum Development as a Tool for Crossing Disciplines in the Arts,
Sciences and Humanities) that is being developed in response to the
international call for SEAD White Papers issued by the network for
Science Engineering Art and Design
( The White Paper is being
developed with an international advisory group consisting of Paul
Thomas (Australia), Edward Shanken (Netherlands), and Christo Doherty
(South Africa), Meredith Tromble (USA),
Nina Czegledy (Hungary).

Other educators interested in collaborating to develop these resources
should contact Kathryn Evans .

We are interested in the broad range of all forms of the performing
arts, including music, dance, theatre and film, and the visual arts;
and connecting to all the hard and social sciences. We are including
art and new technologies (eg: nano tech) but in general not new media
curricula unless they include an art-science component, or art and

Individuals who have taught an art-science-humanities course at the
university or secondary-school level, in formal or informal settings,
are invited to contact Kathryn Evans, with details of their
curriculum, at Please include permission to
include your course on this website.

Kathryn Evans, Head, Vocal and Choral Music
School of Arts and Humanities
The University of Texas at Dallas JO31
Richardson, TX 75080
972-883-2828 email
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