Sunday, July 8, 2012

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] Socratic Discourse Bootcamp

Dear All,

I received a question about the Socratic Discourse Bootcamp in a private e-mail and thought some of you out there might want to know more about it as well. The bootcamp that we sent the students to is in Spain EuroLab led by Humberto Schwab

The tasks the students are put towards are very much as described by Christina. They are problem based and deal with the more social issues of structure and organization. As far as I understood how Eurolab works, the students receive the assignment to think of new economies in an imagined future. This has led to notions similar to having a society on the moon who's market revolves on movements made. Dancing would be of high value. It is very beautiful to see how a group comes up with original alternatives.

In my experience, I'd like to add that although Socratic method in itself does not seem sustainable in long term collaborations, it is a perfect catalyzer to bring a group together
very fast and their experience forms a point of departure to return to
when things get rough.

Jennifer Kanary
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