Saturday, July 28, 2012

[Yasmin_discussions] self introduction

Hi Yasminers,

After following the discussion for some time I wanted to briefly introduce myself

I work as Associate Professor in Digital Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology where I teach mainly on issues of hybrid spaces and performance as interaction. All in all I am fascinated by the intersection of the digital with the physical domain and explore this borderline in video games, mobile technology, and digital performances. I direct the Digital World and Image Group and remain involved in various interdisciplinary research centers.

For some time now, my group has been working on larger and smaller collaborations with artists and educators (schools and museums). Being a rather experimental person myself, I prefer the small-scale project approach from where one can grow larger endeavors. For example, doing design sketches as discussion starters instead of full projects that need a lot of money and time.

please contact me if that calls for further information



Michael Nitsche
Associate Professor
Digital World & Image Group

Georgia Institute of Technology
Digital Media/TSRB 318A
85 Fifth Street, NW
Atlanta , Georgia 30308-1030
email: michael.nitsche[at]
p: +1 404 894 7000
f: +1 404 894 2833

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