Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hello Ana, Anelia, Annie, Danielle, Delphine, Laura, Tereza, Eugenio, Jordan, Josep, Joseph, Philippe, Roger, Vitor, and all
So far, we covered many of the initial questions raised for our discussion, as well as some new questions that emerged during the discussion. Such as:
- Is (new) media a tool which reinforces people's creativity and how it is expressed in terms of social behavior?
- What new media is entailing in connection to artistic expression? Is new media just a tool or an art form?
- How are democracy and social connectivity via new media related?
- Are global and local systems two separate entities, or is it about one place?
- What is the impact of the media content on identity in your socio-politic sphere?

We still need to further develop the points/questions you mentioned and also answer these somehow remained questions:
- How is the economy affecting visual forms of communication?
- Do artworks emerge from a specific Intention or from media models constrained by business requirements?
- What new roles do virtual social networks adopt to maintain difficult relations?

We also need to locate yet more artworks that have to do with our topic…
All Yasmin members are invited to send their answers…
Till soon,
Happy Easter!
Ricardo Mbarkho
Our topic for April 2009:
This running discussion deals with how (new) media can affect local behaviours related to creativity and innovation within a socio-political context, and what is the link between politic and the ways that users behave.

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