Saturday, April 18, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] MONOLIT Video Available

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After presenting the audiovisual installation [ Monolit ] at Gomez Turu
Gallery (Barcelona), it's our pleasure to announce you can now see the video
(shooted inside the inmersive installation) at

About [ Monolit ]
Light, dolby 2/2 sourround and fog
There where time overcomes to escape the space, structures are launched
against deep surfaces. Emptiness turns frozen when crossing a abyss weaved
of networks. Chance permutes to be born in each particle that survives the
collision with the immutability. When exceeding the mass, silence is
projected over its own absence. Only abstraction is able to bring us back to
basic geometry complexity.

About [ Emotional Waves Research ]
Experimental group based in Barcelona. Sonom's objective was born from the
research and exploration of light and sound as universal communication media
as base for integration of other paradigms. The band's works study in depth
relations between waves and human perception. The group developes sound and
video projects, multimedia installations and audiovisual concerts. Sonom's
creative position includes hybrid practices, recycled materials and
technologies, self-made instruments and digital and analogical devices.
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