Sunday, April 12, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] social simulation software

Dear Ana Boa-Ventura

Your comment about:
I think the problem with discussing this topic stems from what at a first
glance may seem like a paradox as social simulation systems don't
(generally) involve interaction. To that extent, we sort of freeze when we
try to identify references to the user's behavior (or at least I doJ)

Is of course correct, and the smart mob examples as well as computer games with
social simulations embedded are the obvious exception (thanks for the children
of arcadia example) =but in a larger sense
as we develop social simulation
systems this will presumably result in modification of behaviour=
in the same way that we dont interact directly with the climate- but
simulations of climate change are leading to changes in social

Another area of course where social simulation software is used
in is various kinds of training systems and these it seem to me have
interesting cultural connotations, These kinds of systems are used
by disaster relief agencies I think, and of course the military.


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