Wednesday, April 15, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] Invite: PAN - Exhibition "Poesia / Ultimo Taglio"

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From: Caterina Davinio

PAN - Exhibition "Poesia / Ultimo Taglio"
Artist: Lello Masucci

Critical texts by:
Caterina Davinio
Giovanna Di Rosario
Mario Franco
Stefano Taccone
(Catalogue, Electa Publisher)

With creative contributions by Caterina Davinio in net-poetry/installation by Lello Masucci "Poema Notturno

Video-Film "Ultimo Taglio" (actors: Milena Di Iorio, Gianluigi Maria Masucci),
installation "End" (ice, iron and color),
and other multimedia works
by Lello Masucci, are exhibited at
PAN | Palazzo delle Arti in Neaples,
April 3rd - May 4th 2009,
project room II.

You all are wellcome!

PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Napoli
Palazzo Roccella | Via dei Mille, 60 | 80121 Napoli
Open: 9.30 AM - 7.30 PM
For futher info:
T: +39-081-7958630-52

The first Net-Poetry Project on line
1998 - 2009
Poetry in Phatic Function
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Caterina Davinio
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