Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[Yasmin_discussions] introduction

I've just joined this list and would like to introduce myself.
I'm an Australian artist, performance maker, technology researcher and
designer of experimental body-based scenographies for performance and

My work sits at the nexus of scientific and technical research (into
wearable technologies, soft textiles and next generation interfaces);
Performance; Interaction and Experience Design; Installation; Still
and Moving Image; Design for Theatre and Architecture and Fine Art
practice. Practical outputs focus on the generation and investigation
of interactive body-technology environments - body extensions and
interactive concept garments that examine body-technology convergence
from a phenomenological perspective. Development involves materials
experiments; extending the body through sculptural form; garment and
interface construction; interactive interface design; performance
creation; intuitively- (rather than empirically-) driven technical
experiments and reflective writing. Outcomes are presented in
galleries and as performance interventions in public places, as well
as in academic and other research contexts.

I'm currently doing a PhD titled, Swing That Thing : Moving to Move,
investigating how technology can be used to extend the body to
poeticise experience (and what this might mean). The research is being
undertaken in a dual context of fine arts and science at Monash
University Dept. of Fine Art, Melbourne Australia, & CSIRO Division of
Materials Science and Engineering (Textile and Fibre Technology). The
investigation is driven by the desire to get people to explore,
experiment and express themselves through their bodies in strange, or
extra-normal ways. More info can be found here: http://www.tinyurl.com/SwingThatThing

In the context of my PhD I'm in Europe undertaking a number of
Fellowships and Residencies (see below), presenting talks and
conferences, visiting Labs and Research Groups and making contact with
colleagues interested in body-technology-convergence;
interdisciplinary collaboration; the intersection of wearable
technologies and technical textiles research with performance
creation; and research process (including how to keep the art-ness in
art when undertaking research).

If you'd like to hear more about my research or introduce me to yours,
please get in contact ~ I'll be variously in the UK (London, Brighton,
Bristol, Nottingham, Newport...), Amsterdam and Eindhoven, Gent,
Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Duesseldorf and Aachen through until July
2009. I'm mobile and very interested in forging connections with like-
minded colleagues.

(I also speak French, some German and some Spanish if it's helpful)
I look forward to engaging
email: d@daniellewilde.com
web: http://www.daniellewilde.com
blog: http://www.daniellewilde.wordpress.com

PhD scholar, 2007-2010
~ Monash University Faculty of Art and Design, Melbourne, Australia
~ CSIRO Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Belmont,

Visiting Research Fellow | Artist in Residence, Europe 2009
~ eSense project, Pervasive Interaction Lab, Open University, Milton
Keynes, UK
~ Creative Systems Lab, Sussex University, UK
~ TechTextiles | Smart Materials, Nottingham Trent University, UK
~ STEIM, Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, Amsterdam, NL

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