Monday, April 13, 2009


Hi Tereza, Jordan, Vitor, and all,

When interacting with the network, the active citizen is not often active in content filtering. Some people tend to be very receptive to mass media and the huge amount of information, which is often contradictory. Consequently, their identities and roots are blurred and they can fall into the trap of being fragmented into pieces of identities. Some might even be ready to defend their new but fake identity, whose real owners might have thrown away and whose new owners might have found somewhere on the information sphere.

After reading Jordan's post about assemblage, and Tereza's saying "human beings may be considered, after Jordan's explanation, as an assemblage of consciousness", and Vitor post about Media literacy
what would be the positioning toward the above statement? Can we enhance the way we critic media content (media literacy), and thus be protected from identity scrambling? Or on the opposite, we can simply consider that there is no identity crisis at all here, because it's all a matter of assemblage? In this last case, what would be the assemblage's crisis?


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