Friday, April 3, 2009

[Yasmin_announcements] cultures of change

Dear colleagues,

Please find attached a call for papers for the three-day conference
"Changing Cultures: Cultures of Change" organised by the EU-funded
research network ATACD, A topological Approach to Cultural Dynamics.

Across disciplines, topological or intensive approaches to the study
of culture treat change as normal and immanent rather than exceptional
and externally determined. In these approaches, cultures are defined
by the possibilities they offer for change rather than by their size,
location or essence. These approaches thus provide a set of tools and
concepts to think about different levels and kinds of change -
learning, transmission, innovation, adaptation, self-organisation and
evolution. This conference asks: what is the potential of topological
and other intensive approaches to culture and space for thinking about

Plenary speakers who have confirmed so far include: Rosi Braidotti,
Manuel DeLanda, J. Doyne Farmer, Matthew Fuller, Alex Galloway, Penny
Harvey, Scott Lash, Richard Rogers, Luc Steels, Eyal Weizmann.

There will be special events from graduate students, and for industry
and policymakers. Further information about these will be announced on
the conference page of the ATACD website

The deadline for paper submissions to the conference is Thursday 28
May 2009. Abstracts with a max length of 300 words will need to be
submitted online in text only format (no diagrams, tables or graphs
are permitted). Full instructions for online submission can be found
on the ATACD website:

In addition to the call for papers, an e-poster and an application of
interest form are also attached. We would be very grateful if you
would forward this on to your networks. For more information about the
ATACD conference or if you would like to be put on our mailing list
please email

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