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[Yasmin_announcements] [re][des]arm[o] from Chile - Roberto Larraguibel • Yto Aranda • Nury Gaviola


Roberto Larraguibel  •  Yto Aranda  •  Nury Gaviola

The goal of our proposal is to create an art space occupied by objects
that interact with our cyber-behavior.  Inanimate control systems that
somehow reveals a subject-object dialogue, allowing the environment to
modify perception of the viewer, while altering the sensory area of
the machine.

It attempts to provoke the public with the interaction of objects, the
response of a simple or complex stimuli and the creation of a
conceptually fun atmosphere that is supervised by cybernetic
surveillance entities, which finally exports this perceptual
experiment through the Web .

Our foundation is based on the thousands of imperceptible [net][works]
operating in a distance that unite seemingly independent events. What
happens in one region of the world is not indifferent to the events
that happen elsewhere in the world: indeed, the occurrences are

The pulse of the desire of the masses is monitored in an extensive and
exhaustive manner by cyber vigilantes that manage to obtain
corrections and adjustments in order to shape future consumption;
hence the objects that sustain it.

The affinities, aesthetic preferences, desires, needs, feelings, words
and themes that are inserted in the mouth of the collective:
manipulated in the distance by the old TV and the revitalized
multi-thematic book and the theme of endlessness embodied by the
Internet for the benefit and subjugation of Being.

Through the tools that technology provides us, our proposal creates an
approximation of the man-machine relationship through various
languages of art.

In this manner, we give life to 5 auto-stimulated spaces connected to
a [vi]gil[ante], that capture the viewer's presence, to build an
experimental and perceptory network that is constantly changing.


[re][des]arm[o] is constructed as a counterpoint to various commands,
networks, and voices. Each area of the installation is a dialogue
fragment which contributes to the overall meaning of the work. Through
various forms and languages, we create a perceptual traffic movement
thereby assembling the installation's material with its sensory and
virtual movement.

[re][des]arm[o] navigates between the poles of imagination and the
construction of "domestic" forms to offer a voyage: touches of light
as a significant etched pulse; a threshold for our footsteps,
reflecting the helplessness of a society saturated with stimuli and
often starved of its own humanity; the delirium of human parody, which
tries to conceptualize the symbolic chaos of signal transmission
before a peremptory order of language that encapsulates our own
inability to communicate and comprehend.

The work uses structural concepts such as: fragment of Bach, different
meanings of voice, alphanumeric notations, QBasic, Asembly, textual
languages, codes of light, harmonic modulations, phrases written under
the spell of the web, reminiscences and obsessions that will be the
symbolic fabric of this drawing: a perceptible dialogue between
subject/object that is accentuated by the serial communication between
machine and speaker.

[re][des]arm[o] is a proposition that organizes itself by paraphrasing
the web, creating a kind of organism that comes to life itself as it
moves to different states conditioned by the presence of the viewer
and the machines' own interactions.

[re][des]arm[o] is a joint work of Roberto Larraguibel, Aranda Yto,
and Nury Gaviola, who are part of an interdisciplinary medialab within
the framework of this work.[re][des]arm[o]



Roberto Larraguibel  •  Yto Aranda  •  Nury Gaviola

Museo de Artes Visuales – MAVI
a partir del  9 de abril hasta el 21 de junio de 2009.

Inauguración, 8 de abril 19:30 hrs.

La cibernética se toma las salas del MAVI:

El Redesarmo de lo cotidiano

• En una instalación conjunta de Roberto Larraguibel, Yto Aranda y
Nury Gaviola, los artistas pretenden generar una conexión real – a
través de la tecnología – con el espectador.

 • La instalación, que es un proyecto Fondart, está abierta al público
del 8 de abril al 22 de junio.

Santiago, marzo 2009.- [re][des]arm[o] es una exhibición que utiliza
el recurso tecnológico para dar vida a un organismo cibernético que
consta de 6 piezas acopladas por sensores que lo auto estimulan, a la
vez que captan la presencia del espectador, conformando una red de
percepción y experimentación en constante cambio. "El objetivo de
nuestra propuesta es crear un espacio  de arte  habitado por  objetos
cibernéticos que interpreten y remeden nuestra conducta, llevándonos a
replantear  un devenir en una comunidad hombre-máquina", explican los

"Esperamos convocar  el asombro del público frente a la interacción de
estos objetos cibernéticos, con la repetición  y deformación de
imágenes reflejadas, con la ilusión de atmósferas visuales, con la
generación o síntesis sonora en respuesta a estímulos simples y
complejos; todo, ante la supervisión permanente de entidades de
vigilancia cibernética", aseguran.

[re][des]arm[o] está ensamblado por intermedio de elementos
escultóricos que crean la sensación de ingresar a una red cibernética.
Las salas del museo conforman, en su totalidad, un circuito que
conecta procesadores digitales y objetos. La utilización de diversos
lenguajes y conceptos estéticos permiten  la creación de un espacio
sensorial para interactuar  y manipular dentro de los espacios
materiales y virtuales de esta propuesta. Un concepto sonoro y
lumínico da continuidad a la obra en sus distintos espacios, haciendo
que este organismo cobre vida propia mientras avanza por distintos
estados condicionados por la presencia del espectador y por su propia
interacción de autómatas.

[re][des]arm[o] es una obra conjunta de Roberto Larraguibel, Yto
Aranda y Nury Gaviola, quienes se adjudicaron un Fondart en 2008 para
realizar esta puesta en escena.

Lastarria 307, Santiago, Chile. Fono: 638-3502.

Estacionamientos cercanos, Merced 317, Monjitas 330, Santa Lucía 317.

Proyecto Financiado por Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes Fondart.

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