Monday, July 26, 2010

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] hybrid city as interface

Hi all,
Thank you Dimitris for the invitation, unfortunately timing is not good as I
am overwhelmed with work so not sure how much of a contribution I can make.

I have been working on a subjective mapping project as part of my creative
PhD. Much of the writing is embedded in the mappings. The mappings
themselves were constructed by collectives and in other cases, a single
person. Walking was used as a strategy, and content was collected using
sms/mms capabilities of a mobile phone. - check Townsville for collective mappings, and
Topophilia for an individual mapping. Please note the interface itself is
unique and requires some patience to learn as it is built on a zooming

Many research sources are available at my delicious site:

Aside from that project I have also created two public projection works,
which take a façade in the city of melbourne and 'colour' it based on the
designs submitted by the public.


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