Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] introduction and announcement


I recently signed up to receive YASMIN announcements and would like to
present myself to the online community. Thank you for sharing this
information with Yasminers!

*Jessica Resmond* is a French American artist who received her Bachelor of
Fine Arts from California College of the Arts, San Francisco. She is
relocating to Marseille this summer. Resmond's work is conceptual and
tactile. Its main interest lies within the existing tensions between
biological rhythms & organisms, and the fast pace technology/economy driven
global landscape. With a background in biology/psychology and a deep
interest for nature's ever evolving creative designs, her process, is one of
constant research. Borders and boundaries are where exchanges take place,
where transformation is possible and new understanding arise. Her work
includes site specific installations, interactive or multimedia sculptures
and experimental collaborations.

Jessica Resmond is currently participating, as an artist and arts/community
organizer in two separate projects.
1 Soundwave Festival ((4)) Green Sound in San Francisco, US.
2 "Florilegio", an art exhibit on biological diversity in Bogota, Colombia:
to celebrate 2010 as International Year of Biodiversity.
1.The Illuminated Forest - SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL ((4)) GREEN

*Featuring sound selections by Luc Meier with exhibition artists Jorge
Bachmann, Agnes Szelag, Ben Bracken, Alan So, Suzanne Husky, Sam Easterson,
Alyce Santoro, Reenie Charrière, Vaughn Bell, Elin Øyen Vister, Jessica

In Soundwave Festival's most ambitious presentation ever, Green Sound mounts
a special month-long exhibition and performance residency at The Lab. The
Illuminated Forest is an imaginary world inside the gallery walls of San
Francisco's preeminent experimental art space that features a large
immersive multi-media and interactive exhibit and performance installation
from the collaborative minds of *Agnes Szelag, Ben Bracken, Jorge Bachmann*and
*Alan So*, and environmental artist works by *Vaughn Bell, Alyce Santoro,
Sam Easterson, Reenie Charrière, Suzanne Husky, Elin Øyen Vister*, and *Jessica

2."Florilegio <http://dancingelephantprojects.com/en/proactual.php#artistas>",
an art exhibit on biological diversity in Bogota, Colombia: to celebrate
2010 as International Year of Biodiversity.*Artists*
Francis Baker (US-San Francisco)
Camila Barreto (Colombia-Bogotá)
Adriana Berrío (Colombia-Bogotá)
Yenifer Cano (Colombia-Medellín)
Natalia Castañeda (Colombia-Bogotá)
Camila Gallego (Colombia-Bogotá)
Chris Jordan (US-Seattle)
Kirk Maxson (US-San Francisco) MEI Collective (US-San Francisco)
Christine Nguyen (US-Los Angeles)
Heather Patterson (US-Lake Tahoe)
Andrea Posada (Colombia-Medellín)
Esther Traugot (US-Sebastopol)
Aníbal Vallejo (Colombia-Medellín)
Pedro Vega Giraldo (Colombia-Bogotá)

Jessica Resmond
(415) 794-1033


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