Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] hybrid city, etc.

dear list,
many wonderful projects and links. much to look at.

are we drawing closer to some definitions of 'hybrid city'?
i like this city-as-index concept... would like to
see maps as databases, and visual databases as maps have
stronger relationships to in urban contexts, esp self made and
collectively made knowledge-maps for purposeful and poetic use.

something to consider is the degree to which
interest in 'mobile experience' isn't integrally linked to specific
physical, architectural, planning, and infrastructural changes
going on in cities, either, as it might seem, as an unconscious
reponse to displacement, or as part of conscious identification
with the changes? my research 'space' involves observing integral
changes in urban planning, for instance, due to wireless, as well
as the experiential use of mobile tools and media, within perceived
identities for the mobile subject...are we engaged in mediating
transitions which have everything to do with material space, but
which appear immaterial and are therefore seductive and elusive
as a result?

i post a link to an intriguing Mobile Art Project which touches on
various aspects of our discussion...most prominently, perhaps,
the purpose or artistic articulation of 'data' in the context of mobility.

Mobile Art Project

all the best,
Molly Hankwitz Cox <>

**mobile research - architecture**
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