Saturday, July 31, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] YASMIN protocols


YASMIN just participated in a proposal submitted byEkmel Ertan
in Istanbul ( organiser of the AMBER network), Claudine Dussolier
(organiser of the RAMI network), to try and get funding to hold
workshops in Istanbul, Athens and Marseille. If you are submitting
funding proposals and would like the participation of YASMIN please
contact us.

A few reminders:

a) You must post to the list from the same email address as
you used to register with= otherwise your post is rejected.

b) We have TWO lists that you can register to:

Please do not post discussions to the announcement list
or vice versa !

c) Post text emails, no attachments or images

d) If you prefer to follow the discussions on the YASMIN
BLOG ( some of you hate emails from mailman piling up)
= its at

e) When you join the list please send a short email
introducing yourself to yasmin announcements. It is very
rude to enter a room and not shake hands with the people
you meet. In the mediterranean region we kiss cheeks but
hard to do on line.

f) If you would like to organise a discussion on yasmin
list on a subject you are excited about=please contact

g) If you would like to become a YASMIN moderator=
and are able to volunteer a little time and energy
please contact us. YASMIN is totally funded by willpower.


Roger Malina
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