Monday, July 26, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] hybrid city as interface - is it related to situationist notions?

Hello yasminers

I guess most people have already started their summer holidays or are
overloaded with work trying to finish everything before holidays.
But, here are some more thoughts of mine for those who are still on the
laptops :)

>From posts received but also generally from texts, articles, researches on
the field of locative media, it has become quite clear that when we need
references to support our work, we mostly turn to situationist notions. We
often speak of phychogeographies, of drifting and of subversion. We seek for
playful wanderings and for ludic flaneurs that may provoke changes in the
perception of the cityscape.

I have myself referred to these notions quite a lot regarding some projects.
However a question that more and more comes to my mind lately is how close
are we to the writings of the 60s? How much do our writings, projects, way
of living reflect ideas like those of the situationists? I don't mean that
these notions can not/ should not be appropriated; cause that would be the
last thing their authors would want – for us to see a sacred side in them...

But rather what I am questioning is what are we seeking and to what extent?
Can the excitement of contributing, participating, mapping, discovering the
cities through today's interfaces be connected to bringing changes in
*life*itself? Do we seek to
provoke "conditions favourable to direct living" or to our perception of the
living experience?

The participants of the " hybrid city" we are talking about are the
participants of a networked world. They (we) are used to "geotagging", to
"saving places", to exploring the city through location based social
networks. Playfulness and interaction is part of their (our) everyday life
though the use of the different applications and interfaces. Free floating
in the space of flows and in the urban environment, they (we) follow their
own desires.

But, while we are "drifting", are we getting closer or are we distancing
ourselves to/from what Debord and Vaneigem were talking about?
Or is emphasis on subectivity, interaction and playfulness as we experience
them today just the opposite side of the same coin that situationists once


Daphne Dragona
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