Monday, July 19, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] the hybrid city as interface

Dear Salvatore, dear Martin, dear Daphne and all

I have very much enjoyed looking at the various
cartography web sites that you have referred us to

martin= as an astronomer I enjoyed Starshed ! but wish
you had invented new constellations by joining the dots
in new ways !!!

After re reading the various posts I wonder if the term
"hybrid city" is the right one, because the ideas really
dont have anything to do with urbanisation as such, but
really about how one integrates mediated senses into
ones perception

derrick de kerckhove has been talking about replacing
a sense of view (or of perspective) with a " sense of being"
he gave a talk at sonic acts for instance

where he states

"In the global environmental perception that is developing,
the point of being, that is a proprioceptive sensation of the world,
may be doubling if not replacing the point of view as the principal
referent of my position in space."

I think this is one answer to martin's question on how
map making translates to art making- the "sense of being"
is defined by the the data that one chooses to connect into
ones worldview at a given location ( and this connects nicely
with the previous example i gave of the "invisible dynamics"
concept- and surely this selection of the world is one thing
that artists do


ps= in reading up on derrick's idea on sense of being i came
across this statistic that derrick states : 80% of cell phone
owners under the age of 18 sleep with their cell phone under
their pillow or by their ear...

Derrick: care to respond ?
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