Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[Yasmin_discussions] your moderator this week and upcoming Hybrid City as Interface


I am your YASMIN moderator over the coming week
from sunny and hot Marseille.

To new YASMIN members= when you join please
send a post introducing yourselves so we know
who just came into the e-room !!!

To all: please post to YASMIN as TEXT with no
attachments= the mailman drops non text
posts and attachments. If you get a b blank
message thats because the person posted
in htlm not text.

Dimitris Charitos is about to organise a new
discussion topic on "The Hybrid City as an Interface" =
in the meantime we would welcome ongoing discussion
around our "collaboration in art and science " topic.

How does one evaluate the success of a collaboration ?

I have one recent example:

Recently IMERA hosted an artist in resident in the
art-science- instrumentation program; His
name is Harold Vasselin, a film maker. he established
a collaboration with both ecology researchers and
astronomers and also local artists; They just installed
an installation for the international year of biodiversity
which includes artworks, but also scientific sensing of
the IR temperature of the sky, and detection of motion
in the climate change observatory; The project il leading
to the artists influencing the scientists and vice versa;

here is the details:

In Plant's Community - (dans la communauté végétale)
a proposition by Harold Vasselin

July 3 – August 30, 2010
Open everyday (except Tuesday and Sunday)
11am - 1pm and 4pm - 7pm.
Couvent des Cordeliers in Forcalquier (France) – free entrance.

In Forcalquier, the forest enters into the Convent of the Cordeliers
through the eyes of Harold Vasselin, Madeleine Chiche and Bernard Misrachi.

A creation by Harold Vasselin / Taxidermie Production –
madeleine chiche and bernard misrachi / groupedunes - technical
director Bruno Faucher
– digital director Luccio Stiz.

Produced by the Observatoire de Haute-Provence within the framework of
the event :
In the heart of the Provençal forests, an unsuspected biodiversity.
Meeting between Art, Sciences and Technology, for the International
Year of Biological Diversity,
with the support of the Region Provence Alpes Cotes d'Azur, the
municipality of Forcalquier and IMERA.


roger malina

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