Sunday, April 26, 2015

Re: [Yasmin_discussions] sound and science

I like viewing realtime-streamewd helical cosmic imaging Roger, But, the
appended no-stair-step sound was conflicting, asynchronous.

evolving terrestrial and cosmic mysteries should be sync-monitored and thus
s*onified realtime, contextual** data should be sought, **w/ AtoD phenomena
sampling processes, **w/cogent input information, **syncing/time/space, **
multiplexing **and the demultiplexing output of sound's/imaging packets* .

Terrestrially... re John Collings *Squire*'s selff broadcasting trees *

Donald Gurnett's 1972 Jupiter space recordings.
trees as co-authors in audible constructions\
1972 Graspable Atmospheres Uranus table top winds
Tree dynamics require dither signals
Time, Context, Gray Matter out of Sync
LIGHT as performance Conceptal Drawing: Anticipating Audio/imaging
dithered image transformations rendered realtime holography
scroll down to Uranus winds, LED spectral scan
Scanning Electron Microscope


Leif Brush
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