Saturday, April 4, 2015

[Yasmin_discussions] Light is my Business..So is Sound !


It is very interesting this relation between light and sound. I think my
idea showing the video was just to focus on sun and link it with life, as
energy from sun is the principal motor for life in earth. And for sure,
because this images care fantastic. However, i did´nt recall on the sound,
which i just ignore it. This don´t means that sound is not important, which
in fact it is. This means that sound was little "invisible". Both are waves
(even different kinds of waves), and a like a lot the words used by Paul
(modes), which focus on this wavelike propeties. I would like to expand
little more on this relation, even i think the
synesthesia properties between differen senses are well developed and

Recalling to the very interesting TED talk that Roger send to us, from
Richard Dawkins, where "There´s nothing inherent about red that makes it
long wavelenght", it is strange that sound could be more invisible than
light. Both waves are reaching our senses (sensing). Picturing is just a
matter of the brain. So, in some circunstances (synesthesia) sound is
pictured. Or, for example, the idea of Dawkins, could be the eco sound from
bats would be pictured as red (so, by these animals the importan and
"visual" would be the sound).

However, even this could be true, culture helps to "visualice" or make
invisible these differents waves. Could be we can speak about another
differents "modes" of vibration, with poetry for example, in wich tempo,
ritm, symmetry, periods, conforms different resonances, and need to be
visualiced by our brains. I think this kind of interpretation could be
associated with the sound and light of the video. Which is a cultural
problem. And because of these, an educational issue. So, political

Here i have an example that makes me think a little bit. The sound of the
video that i sent is very simillar to the sound of the following video.
This is a promotional video of my place, Valencia. Which, even i´m very
pround of Valencia, there is something wrong on the video. My thinking is
that may be is the same error than the previous one:

It is "strange" (in fact, it is not so strange) that these images are just
pushed with these kinds of sounds. So, these sounds are market pieces.
Marketing. Are kind of true sugar pieces to sell.

I understand Roger comment, as when i see these images of my own town with
this marketing sound, there is nothing about these other poetic waves (wich
could be translated to educational waves) inside.

So, when NASA, or other knowledge agencies, or other institutions, the show
these images, what the want to do it?, sell, educate, go further in
knolewdge development, ...?

These mutual waving is important, as we are dealing with art/sci. So, we
can take these "picture" opened to many different scenarios: different
waves/modes as different disciplines.

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